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  • The Halal Group Hampers Set 17 (Tasha 2pcs + Pashmina 2pcs + Khadijah 2pcs)
The Halal Group Hampers Set 17 (Tasha 2pcs + Pashmina 2pcs + Khadijah 2pcs)
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The Halal Group Hampers Set 17 (Tasha 2pcs + Pashmina 2pcs + Khadijah 2pcs)

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    A gift of a fragrance which we present to all the wonderful women of today. Top notes of orange, apple and aldehydic accords provide a bright and sparkling support to the scent. The surprise of this gift is hidden within its middle notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, rose and peach. A stunning combination of notes which is further empowered with musk, amberwood, powdery accents and cedarwood. The creation of this exquisite concoction is one that was tough but rewarding as the gift of surprise now belongs to the user.
    Top Note: Orange, Apple and Aldehydic accords
    Middle Note: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Rose and Peach
    Bottom Note: Musk, Amberwood, Powdery accents and Cedarwood

    This scent brings about soft approach that is reminiscent of the cloth with calming notes of pomegranate, musk, rose and bergamot. A calm and delicate approach makes the scent perfect for the friendly woman bringing about a calming yet strong sense of confidence. Damas rose, jasmine, peony and peach develop as we approach the middle notes. The scent is further rounded with soft sandlwood and vanilla notes. This soft tranquil fragrance is perfect for the woman that speaks her mind without having to talk.
    Top Note: Pomegranate, Musk, Rose and Bergamot
    Middle Note: Damas Rose, Jasmine, Peony and Peach
    Bottom Note: Musk, Olibanum, Sandalwood and Vanilla

    The first fragrance within our collection has a truly perfect composition of ingredients. A beautiful entrance delights the user with notes of blackcurrant and spices. A strong personality fragrance, made with patience, care, and endless determination similar to a mother's characteristics. A gorgeous precious dahlia flower settles in the middle notes. A secure and warm feeling completes this scent with wood accords and sandalwood notes in the base. A fragrance suited to the hard working mothers of today.
    Top Note: Blackcurrant and Spices
    Middle Note: Precious Dahlia Flower
    Bottom Note: Wood Accords and Sandalwood


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